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Steam Turbine (Turbine using Geothermal Energy)

The steam turbine is powered by steam that produced by geothermal energy, and thus it is also called geothermal steam turbine. It is suitable for geothermal power plants in areas where the geothermal resources are rich. This steam turbine comes with electro-hydraulic regulating system, and the whole structure can be customized according to customers’ requirements. The turbine could be designed in primary steam type or secondary steam type.

Parameters of the Steam Turbine

Model Capacity (MW) Primary inlet steam parameters Secondary inlet steam parameters
Pressure (MPa) Dryness(℃) Pressure (MPa) Dryness(℃)
D1.0-0.08 1 0.08 0.995
D3-0.2/0.06 3 0.2 0.995 0.06 0.995
D6-0.3/0.05 6 0.3 0.995 0.05 0.995

Note: For more parameters, please contact us. As a geothermal power solution provider, we can design various custom geothermal steam turbines according to your requirements.

1. Cooling tower
2. Power plant
3. Pump station
4. Cool water inlet
5. Steam to the factory
6. Bed rock

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