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Steam Turbine (Turbine for Driving Industrial Equipment)

An industrial steam turbine is used as a prime motor to drive industrial equipment, such as water pump, compressor, blower, and various machines with adjustable speed.

As a professional steam turbine manufacturer, QNP can provide excellent industrial steam turbines which feature reasonable structure, small installation area, stable performance, and so on. The hydraulic type and digital electro-hydraulic type regulating systems are both available, so you can make your choice as you want.

Technical Parameters of Industrial Steam Turbine

NO. Model Capacity
Inlet Exhaust Pressure
1 B0.025-0.3 0.025-0.3 0.5-3.5 450 0.2-1.0 3000
2 B0.2-0.6 0.2-0.6 0.5-3.5 450 0.2-1.0 3000
3 B0.5-1.0 0.5-1 0.5-3.5 450 0.2-1.0 3000
4 B0.5-1.5 0.5-1.5 0.5-3.5 450 0.2-1.0 3000

Note: For more parameters, please contact us. Various custom steam turbines are also available according to your requirements.

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