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Steam Turbine (Energy Saving Turbine with Reheat Cycle)

The steam turbine is a special turbine that can extract part of the steam during the expansion process, reuse the steam after it is reheated. As a kind of widely applied power plant equipment, this reheat steam turbine can be used for power generation by waste heat, garbage incineration, solar energy, and so on.

This selection of steam turbine stands out for its higher efficiency. With the same basic parameters, the reheat turbine has 4% higher power efficiency than those without steam reheating mechanisms. On the other hand, due to the significantly lower steam humidity, it can also prevent the blades at the end stage of high capacity turbine from being corroded.

Features of the Steam Turbine
1. The energy saving steam turbine comes with special design for high speed and high efficiency of the cylinder.
2. We have successfully reduced the heat loss to great degree, leading to much higher heat recycling efficiency.
3. The cogeneration can be achieved, enhancing the thermal efficiency significantly.

1. High pressure steam outlet
2. High pressure steam inlet
3. Low pressure steam inlet
4. Low pressure steam outlet

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