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Steam Turbine (Modular Turbine with Low Steam Consumption)

Features of the Steam Turbine
1. As a frame-mounted steam turbine, it comes with a compact design, saving you much room for the installation.

2. Advanced designing concept is adopted. The blades and flow channel are optimized to reduce the energy loss of the steam. So the energy efficiency is quite desirable.

3. The steam turbine comes in modular design, and each modular is installed separately. The independent units can save you a lot of room for the operation, installation time, and labor intensity.

4. You can choose the variable working speed mode to let the power generation machine adjust the working conditions automatically.

5. The modular steam turbine is available with an automatic central monitoring system for each starting and operating parameters, including starting situation, turbine warming, load, power grid connection, etc.

Structure of the Steam Turbine
1. Operation station
Front bearing box, steam cylinder, rotor, speed regulating steam valve, main steam valve, protection device, rear bearing box, gear box, automatic barring gear, pedestal.

2. Auxiliary equipment station
Condenser, gland seal heater, steam-jet ejector, and condensing water pump.

3. Control console
The control console for the steam turbine mainly consists of the digital controller, TSI system, ETS system, and the operational instrument panel.

4. Independent oil station
Oil tank, high pressure oil pump, lubricant oil pump, electro-hydraulic conversion device, oil cooling device, energy accumulator, oil filter, instrument panel of oil station, pedestal.

5. Driven equipment
Power generator, air blower, water pump, compressor.

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