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Steam Turbine

    1. Steam Turbine (Turbine with Air Cooling Unit)The air-cooled steam turbine has several advantages including: The water consumption is effectively lowered;The specially designed blades at the end stage have a safe and highly efficient performance, and are suitable for steam flow of high pressure and wide variation range.
    1. Steam Turbine (Turbine with Organic Rankine Cycle System)The steam turbine uses organic compound instead of water as the working medium. It can recycle the low temperature heat (70~300℃), such as waster hot water, exhaust gas, solar power, and geothermal energy, for the organic Rankine cycle (ORC).

In addition to our existing steam turbines like back pressure steam turbine, condensing steam turbine, mixed pressure steam turbine, etc. We can also design new products according to customers' requirements, and the highest efficiency could reach 88%. The through flow structure is optimized by improving blade mold line, meridian plane mold line and interstage gap. By optimizing the steam sealing and improving rotating speed, the energy efficiency of the steam turbine is increased. Besides, overall and real-time monitoring and all-covered operational process protection are achieved by the integration of the first-class DEH system, TSI system, ETS system, and DCS system.

The high-speed reaction turbine can run at 15000 rpm with a inlet steam pressure of 15MPa. The one-piece forged rotor comes with single row governing stage. High performance twisted blades are used at the low pressure through flow parts. Modular design concept is applied to the whole steam turbine. The whole turbine features high efficiency, small size and low weight.

QNP highly values the technical research and development and seeks to diversify our products. Besides, we aim at the research and development of low-temperature medium (80-300℃) steam turbine. We have invested a lot of resources on the research of green technologies for sustainable development.

Our steam turbine has been used in many areas. The energy source could be coal, organic mass, organic waste, and even common waste. The waste heat during the production of steel, glass, cement, chemicals can also be taken advantage of. By recycling the waste, our technologies can greatly lower the energy consumption.

During the power generation, our turbine can also provide steam for the production of paper, sugar, food, medicine, etc. Besides, the power plant can be integrated with the sea water desalination plant at the coastal region, maximizing the economic profit.

Adjusting and protection systems
The basic protection systems of the steam turbine include over-speed protection system, axial displacement protection system, and emergency trip protection system.

The regulating system is available in two types, hydraulic type and digital electro-hydraulic system. In the hydraulic system, the three protection systems mentioned above are all available. However, more and more customers tend to choose the electro-hydraulic regulating system, in which the signal response units are added to directly collect various signals on-site and trigger corresponding actions.

To improve the protection level, an overall monitoring system is developed. Specially, the emergency trip system and turbine supervisory instrumentation can directly monitor the operation of steam turbine set, independently from the digital controller and DCS. Thus better protection performance can be achieved.