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Turbo Generator

Our turbo generator, also called steam turbine generator, is designed with advanced concept and comes with optimized structure. The electromagnetic field and temperature field are simulated for performance analysis during the designing. The turbogenerator features high cost-effectiveness, advanced parameter, and stable performance. It can meet the requirements of the power industry.

Parameters of Turbo Generator
According to our existing market, we mainly provide the following models in the form.

Product Name Voltage (KV) Frequency (Hz) Power (MW)
Two-Pole Generator 6.3-13.8 50 3-60
6.6-.13.8 60
Four-Pole Generator 0.4/0.69 6.3/6.6 10.5/11 50 0.5-30
0.4-11 60

To meet the increasing demand of high steed steam turbine, we are also developing high speed steam turbine generator.

Overall Structure of Turbo Generator
Our turbogenerator comes with a two-layer structure and an enclosed auto-ventilating system. The air-cooler is at the bottom of the generator. However, the single-layer structure is also available, in which case the air cooler will be at the top of the generator. In addition, you can also choose single-support point type and double-support point type.

The main structure comprises stator (including pedestal, stator iron core and stator coil), rotor, bearing, and cooling system.

Manufacturing Technologies of Turbo Generator
We introduced advanced production equipment and inspection equipment to ensue the high quality level of our products, especially some key parts.

Main Production Technology
1. Automatic punching technique for the stator iron core
2. Automatic coiling technique of the stator bar
3. Automatic edgewise winding technique for the rotor winding
4. The rotor comes with a dynamic balancer which can measure the AC impedance and vibration.