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Distributed Control System (DCS with Self Diagnostic Function)

DCS (Distributed Control System) is a computer system that combines process control system and process monitoring system. It consists of computer, communication device, screen, and control devices. This automatic control system can control widely spread devices in a multi-level structure. It is quite flexible and convenient to make the combination and define the hardware system.

This distributed control system is based on the SIEMENS PLC control system, meeting various working conditions at a high security and efficiency level

Details of the Distributed Control System
System Name: PCS7
System time: identical to the main clock; In-station precision≤0.25ms: Inter-station precision<1ms
Redundance: power supply, controller, busbar, communication card
Working condition: double working condition
Communication network: industrial Ethernet, Network type: ring network; Bandwidth: 100M; Protocol: TCP/IP; Max. distance: 2500m; Standard: IEEE industrial standard

All the templates of the distributed control system come with self-diagnosis function covering down to the communication channel level. So this system features high reliability. The whole system can work normally whichever single component is broken.

The monitoring, alarming and self-diagnosis functions should be integrated to the LCD screen, while the control system should be largely spread functionally and physically.

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