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Digital Electro-Hydraulic Control System (DEH for Steam Turbine Control)

Digital electro-hydraulic control system, simply called DEH system, is mainly used as the steam turbine control system to adjust the speed, load, and exhaust pressure, etc. It can receive on-site signals like speed, power, and steam pressure, as well as the instructions from the LCD screen sent by operators. Then the system will send corresponding control signals to the electro-hydraulic system to adjust the steam valve. Thus the steam turbine can be controlled by our digital electro-hydraulic control system in terms of startup, speedup, grid connection, load adjustment, and main pressure value. Besides, the DEH system can also operate, protect, control and monitor the whole steam turbine according to different working conditions, ensuring the turbine can work reliably.

The digital electro-hydraulic control system comes with various basic control loop like speed control loop, power control loop, main steam pressure control loop, main steam controller, over speed protection loop, as well as some logical loops like synchronization, frequency adjustment limitation, signal choosing, judging, etc. These loops can realize a range of functions like speed control, power control, valve control, automatic synchronization, primary frequency modulation control, isolated network control, over-speed test, valve sealing performance test, and so on.

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