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Emergency Trip System (ETS for Electrical Safety Protection)

The emergency trip system (ETS) is one of the most useful steam turbine protection systems in power plants. It is used for monitoring some important parameters to the turbine safety. When some parameters exceed the safe limits, this system can shut down all the steam inlet valves of the steam turbine.

Operation Range of the Emergency Trip System
1. The speed of the steam turbine exceeds 3300rpm.
2. Too much axial displacement is occurred.
3. The lubricating oil pressure is less than 0.02MPa.
4. Temperature of axial bearing or thrust bearing surpasses 75℃.
5. The vacuum level of condenser is below 0.06MPa.
6. Faults happened to the steam turbine generator unit.
7. A manual shut-down operation is conducted.

Because the ETS system is the last the automatic protection system of the whole steam turbine unit, the requirements for reliability and response time of the emergency trip system are quite rigid. Hence, we choose the classic Siemens SMART200/200 series CPU module which has been highly recognized around the world.

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