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Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation System (TSI with Monitor and Alarm)

As a turbine control system, the turbine supervisory instrumentation system (TSI) can real-timely monitor various important parameters like speed, bearing pedestal vibration, axle vibration, axial displacement, decentration, differential expansion, phase position reference, and so on. Thus the dynamic balance and online diagnosis data can be collected for maintenance personnel to accelerate the repairing and lower the repairing cost.

Our turbine supervisory instrumentation system is mainly composed by sensors and intelligent panel. The intelligent panel, after receiving the signals from sensors, will process the information and output precise and clear monitoring data and alarming instructions, as well as the standard analog quantity signals and relay contact. The intelligent panel can inspect the sensor connections and its own operation situations. The TSI system comes with a communication port. You can set configurations of measuring range and logic output, and buffer the signal output of the sensors. For some important parameters, the redundancy configuration is available so that you can enhance the measuring reliability of the turbine supervisory instrumentation system.

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