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Coal Fired Boiler

Coal fired boiler, based on the burning mode of the coal, can be divided into several types, including chain grate stoker boiler, spreader-stoker boiler, circulating fluidized bed boiler, fluidized bed boiler, pulverized coal furnace, and cyclone furnace.
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Overall Structure of the Coal Fired Boiler
1. Boiler body

Combustion chamber, boiler barrel, combustor, ignition system, water cooler furnace wall, superheater, economizer, air pre-heater, framework, furnace wall.

2. Auxiliary equipment for the industrial boiler
Pulverized coal production system (coal feeding machine, coal milling machine, coal powder exhauster fan, coal powder classifier, pulverized coal piping), blower, induced draft fan, secondary air fan, intermittent blowdown flash tank, continuous blowdown flash tank, drain flash tank, drain tank, drainage pump, dust removing system (wet type dust remover, electronic dust remover, bag-type dust remover, ceramic multi-tube dust remover), deslagging system (hydraulic power slag remover, pneumatic slag remover), cyclone separator, coal feeding system.

3. Water Supply System for the Coal Fired Boiler
Pipe system and valves.

Parameters of Coal Fired Boiler for Medium and Small Size Thermal Power Plant

Rated Evaporation capacity (t/h) Steam Pressure (Mpa) Superheated Steam Temperature (℃) Feed-water Temperature (℃)
6(6.5), 10, 20 1.25 350 104
6(6.5), 10, 20 2.45 400 104
35, 65(75), 120 (130) 3.82 450 104, 150, 170
35, 65(75) 5.29 485 104, 150
220, 310, 410 9.81 540 210
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