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Waste Incineration Boiler

Also called waste incinerator boiler, the waste incineration boiler can produce steam of rated power by the combustion of household waste, medical waste, etc. Thus the waste is reduced and converted into power.

1. The waste incineration boiler comes with two barrels which can be assembled together. A single-floor room is enough for the boiler installation. The heating area is quite large and the operation is safe and reliable. Besides, the boiler also features short installation period and very low installation cost.

2. In the furnace of the waste incineration boiler, an ash collecting device and cyclone post combustion chamber are available in the furnace. Thus the smoke content in the exhaust can be greatly lowered. A smoke cleaning device is designed to further reduce dust emission concentration to meet related environmental protection standards.

3. The material feeding device of the waste incineration boiler comes with reasonable structure which combines mechanical conveying mechanism and pneumatic conveying mechanism. The whole transferring process is stable, reliable and highly automized.

Among all the waste incineration boiler models, the chain-grate boiler is suitable for the waste incineration, while the circulating fluidized bed boiler has better performance when feeding on both coal and waste. As a professional industrial boiler supplier, we can also provide great technical support if you need.

Technical Parameter of Waste Incineration Boiler

Rated Evaporation capacity (t/h) Steam Pressure (Mpa) Superheated Steam Temperature (℃) Feed-water Temperature (℃)
35, 65 (75), 120 (130) 3.82 450 104, 150, 170
35, 65 (75) 5.29 485 104, 150
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