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Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG for Heating Water and Generating Steam)

Abbreviated as HRSG, the heat recovery steam generator is a waste heat recovery unit that is widely used in various industries like cement, metallurgy, big gas turbine, and so on. It can recycle the waste heat generated during the production of carbon material, iron alloy, magnesium, coke, etc. The heat exchange could be between different water medium, or steam and water.

Comparing with coal-fired boiler, the heat recovery steam generator doesn't need the coal conveying, coal preparation and the combustion equipment. Due to the special requirements for the heat source and working conditions, this kind of waste heat boiler has to be high temperature resistant, anti-wear, and anti-corrosive.

Features of the Heat Recovery Steam Generator
1. The overall structure is concise, well sealed and easy to assemble. The on-site installation is quite simple and quick.
2. To obtain a high heat exchange efficiency and low heating surface abrasion, the steam speed is designed to be slow throng special structure. Thus the corrosion problem in the acid preparation by iron pyrite is greatly solved.
3. Due to the great designing, the HRSG can expand in the horizontal and upward direction freely. Thus the boiler's service life will be extended greatly.

Parameters Needed for the Designing of Heat Recovery Steam Generator

NO. Parameter Value Unit Remark
1 Smoke volume Nm3h Measuring at 0℃
2 Smoke composition Co2, N2,O2, So2, etc.
3 Co2 content % v/v
N2 content % v/v
O2 content % v/v
SO2 content % v/v
4 Dust content in smoke g/Nm3
5 Cohesiveness of smoke At different temperature
6 Corrosion and toxicity of smoke
7 Smoke inlet temperature
8 Smoke outlet temperature Smoke outlet after heat recovery
9 Steam pressure in the boiler MPa
10 Saturated temperature or superheated steam temperature
11 Water supply temperature
12 Requirements for structure or main heating surface
13 Air pre-heater Thermal power: MW(kcal/h)
Air volume: ------- Nm3/h
Air inlet temperature:-----℃
Air outlet temperature: ----- ℃
14 Instantaneous steam-fired water heater
15 Technical requirements for the heat recovery (smoke flow direction and the order of different heat exchanging devices
16 Installation room

As a HRSG supplier, we can design the waste heat boilers based on the area of your plant.
Volume of heat recovery steam generator: lower-medium temperature and lower-medium pressure generator: 10-15t/h; medium temperature and medium pressure generator: 20-50 t/h.

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