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Biomass Boiler

QNP biomass boiler has a bigger furnace than traditional industrial boiler. Besides, the reasonable overfire air can burns out the large amount of volatile component released simultaneously when the biomass burns. The amount of sulfide and nitride in the exhaust is quite limited, which means we are providing an eco-friendly boiler.

The fuels that can be used by our the biomass boiler include straw, rice husk, fruit core, sawdust, wood chips, tree bark, furfural residue, xylitol residue, and so on. So you can easily find suitable biomass for the boiler.

The available combustion modes for the biomass boiler include circulating fluidized bed mode, reciprocal grate plus chain grate mode, and chain grate mode. All the boiler combustion comes in a vertical structure.

Parameters of the Biomass Boiler

Rated Evaporation capacity (t/h) Steam Pressure (Mpa) Superheated Steam Temperature (℃) Feed-water Temperature (℃)
35, 65 (75), 120 (130) 3.82 450 104, 150, 170
35, 65 (75) 5.29 485 104, 150
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