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Turnkey Power Plant Solution

QNP has a professional technical team and rich experience in providing turnkey power plant solutions, including the EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) and LSTK (Lump Sum Turn Key).

As a popular form of our turnkey power plant solutions, the EPC contract covers the power plant equipment designing, purchasing, installation, and test running. We will be fully responsible for the project quality, safety, construction period, and cost. What you can receive is a safe, highly efficient, energy-saving, and qualified project.

The LSTK service includes power plant equipment designing, purchasing, construction, installation, and test running. Ultimately, you will get a project that can be immediately put into use.

Turn-key Project and Complete Power Plant Equipment
1. QNP, as a professional turnkey power plant solutions provider, has its own designing institute and installation service company, by which we can provide you with quality power plant equipment and custom power plant solutions.
2. We can provide the complete equipment needed for power pant and thermal power plant with steam turbines below 200MW.
3. The related services include consultation, designing, feasibility study, construction, test-run, and the whole turn-key project.

Technician Training Service
In addition to the turnkey power plant solution, QNP can also provide technician training service for the operating and repairing of boiler, steam turbine, generator, water chemical treatment, thermal meter, as well as the entire power plant and thermal power plant.

Specifically, our training service targets on the steam turbine unit below 200MW, and high-temperature high-pressure, and medium-temperature medium-pressure circulating fluidized bed boiler and chain grate boiler with a capacity of below 260t/h. By taking our training program, the trainees can operate and repair the related equipment in power plant and thermal power plant.

Technical Parameters of the Turnkey Power Plant Solution for Power Plant

NO. Boiler Steam Turbine Generator Electric Control Unit of the High/Low Voltage
1 23t/h, 3.82MPa, 450℃ B1.5-3.43/0.49 1.5MW 0.38KV~13.8KV
2 45t/h, 3.82MPa, 450℃ B3-3.43/0.785 3MW 0.38KV~13.8KV
3 75t/h, 3.82MPa, 450℃ B6-3.43/0.49 6MW 0.38KV~13.8KV
4 85t/h, 3.82MPa, 450℃ B10-3.43/0.294 10MW 0.38KV~13.8KV
5 160t/h, 5.29MPa, 485℃ B12-4.9/0.981 12MW 0.38KV~13.8KV
6 230t/h, 9.81Mpa 540℃ B25-8.83/0.981 25MW 0.38KV~13.8KV
7 15t/h, 2.45MPa, 400℃ N1.5-2.35 1.5MW 0.38KV~13.8KV
8 20t/h, 2.45MPa, 400℃ N3-2.35/390 3MW 0.38KV~13.8KV
9 35t/h, 3.82MPa, 450℃ N6-3.43 6MW 0.38KV~13.8KV
10 60t/h, 3.82MPa, 450℃ N12-3.43 12MW 0.38KV~13.8KV
11 75t/h, 4.0MPa, 420℃ N15-3.8 15MW 0.38KV~13.8KV
12 120t/h, 3.82MPa, 450℃ N25-3.43 25MW 0.38KV~13.8KV
13 130t/h, 9.81Mpa 540℃ N30-8.83 30MW 0.38KV~13.8KV
14 20t/h, 3.82MPa, 450℃ C1.5-3.43/0.49 1.5MW 0.38KV~13.8KV
15 25t/h, 3.82MPa, 450℃ C3-3.43/1.5 3MW 0.38KV~13.8KV
16 35t/h, 3.82MPa, 450℃ C6-3.43/0.6 6MW 0.38KV~13.8KV
17 65t/h, 5.29MPa, 485℃ C10-4.9/0.9 10MW 0.38KV~13.8KV
18 115t/h, 3.82MPa, 450℃ C15-3.43/0.49 15MW 0.38KV~13.8KV
19 160t/h, 3.82MPa, 450℃ C25-3.43/0.785 25MW 0.38KV~13.8KV
20 150t/h, 9.81Mpa 540℃ C25-8.83/0.785 30MW 0.38KV~13.8KV

1. The regular complete equipment for our turnkey power plant solution includes boiler, steam turbine, high/low voltage transmission system, thermal meter, and water treatment unit. However, you can also purchase the boiler elsewhere, and we can match your boiler with the rest equipment.

2. Our boiler can consume certain fuel as needed, including coal, biomass, waste, blast furnace gas, various flammable exhaust, natural gas, oil, etc. The boiler models comprise chain grate boiler, fluidized bed boiler, coal-fired boiler, oil-fired boiler, heat recovery boiler, and so on.

3. The steam turbine in our turnkey power plant solution can be back pressure type, extraction back pressure type, condensing type, extraction condensing type, and double extraction condensing type, while the inlet pressure ranges from 1MPa to 14Mpa.

4. In our turnkey power plant solution, suitable generators are also available according to your requirements, including two-pole generator and four-pole generator. The voltage could be 440/440V, 6.3KV/6.6KV, 10.5KV/11KV, and 13.2KV/13.8KV as you want.

5. The electric control system could be grid connection solution and isolated grid solution. According to the voltage level of the generator outgoing line, you can choose high/low voltage distribution solution (transformer included) and low voltage distribution solution (transformer not included).

6. The thermal meters of our turnkey power plant solution comes in two types for your choice, namely thermal meter panel starting type and distributed control system (DSC) system.

7. To use our water treatment equipment, you will have several choices, such as the regular single-stage reverse osmosis plus mixed bed equipment, membrane solution, ion exchange solution, etc.

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