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To keep our technical advantages on the world power plant equipment market, QNP invested a lot in the R&D and application of advanced technologies, and maintained a good relationship with a range of companies and technical organizations.

Thus far, we have got 58 patents. Our R&D team comprises a number of senior engineers and professionals, and 27 persons have an equivalent of master's degree or above. QNP was approved as the High-Efficiency & High-Speed Steam Turbine Engineering Technology Research Center of Shandong Province in 2011 and our R&D center was entitled as the Enterprise Technology Center of Shandong Province in 2012.

The high efficiency & high speed steam turbine series product developed by Xi'an Jiaotong University and QNP ranks at the leading position over the world. The technology of hydropower generation by desalination of sea water was invented by the Institute of Water Desalination and Multipurpose Utilization of State Oceanic Administration and QNP. This invention can desalinate sea water by steam turbine through vacuum multistage flash evaporation technique.

QNP is equipped with many advanced test facilities such as 20t low speed dynamic balancing machine, 32t high speed dynamic balancing machine, steam turbine performance static test platform, speed control system static test platform, generator performance test machine etc. We are the only organization that can carry out 15000rpm high speed turbine rotor test and overall turbine performance test in Shandong Province.

The above-mentioned technical strengths provide us with unique advantage over the complete power plant equipment. All the core devices like steam turbine, generator, electrical control panel and automation system are all developed and manufactured by ourselves. Our professional installation team and after-sales service team, on the other hand, can provide great service experience on requests.