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The steam turbine we developed can be used in many fields including cogeneration, medium and low temperature waste heat recovery for generation, thermal power generation below 50MW, solar thermal power generation, biomass generation, incineration plant, industrial engine and so on. Thus far, our steam turbines come in more than 100 types and more than 600 units have been sold.

QNP focuses on the development and application of advanced technology, and invests more in distinctive products. We also concentrate on research and development of steam turbine with low temperature media to make full use of low temperature exhaust heat from 80 Celsius degree to 300 Celsius degree.

QNP steam turbine comes with optimized blade profiles, meridian profiles and gaps between stages, leading to better through-flow structure. Besides, we also improved the designs to enhance the gland seals, rotation speeds, and energy conversion ratio. The advanced DEH, TSI, ETS and DCS systems have great performance in the comprehensively monitoring and protecting the whole operation process.

Our high-speed reaction turbine can reach 15 thousand revolutions per minute, and the inlet pressure can be 15 Mega Pascal. In the low pressure flow section, you can find there is an integral forging rotor, single-row Curtiss stages and high-efficiency bending blades. The modular design brings a range of advantages like high efficiency, small size and light weight.

Due to our years of experience and professional talent team, QNP has unique advantages in the complete power generation equipment, including steam turbine, generator, electrical control panel, automation system, and so on. Additionally, our installation team and after-sales team can provide excellent service on requests.