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As a professional power plant products supplier, QNP has a strong production and processing capability for steam turbine, turbo generator, boiler, and so on. We now have nearly 400 sets/units of advanced processing equipment like Mitsubishi five-axis gantry machining center, horizontal rotor type slot milling machine, 125-ton and 10-meter horizontal CNC lathe, 8-meter CNC vertical lathe, four-axis machining center, and so on. These excellent machine tools have made a great contribution to our production efficiency.

Pictures of part of our production equipment

  • 1. Mitsubishi five-axis gantry machining center-for the highly precision processing of the middle plane of the steam turbine (the positioning precision could be 0.0058mm.
  • 2. 8-meter CNC vertical lathe - for processing 5-meter high and 8-meter diameter workpiece.
  • 3. 125-ton heavy duty horizontal CNC lathe-for the precise processing of the one-piece forging rotor of steel turbine with a max. rotating diameter of 4000mm and a max. length of 10000mm.
  • Gantry taping machine
  • CNC edgewise winding machine
  • Taping machine
  • 6-meter CNC external cylindrical grinding machine
  • 5-meter CNC vertical lathe
  • Blade machining center

  • C5235 double column vertical lathe
  • BOOHI SK50P CNC lathe
  • S50P CNC lathe
  • CKA 6163
  • Big workpiece processing workshop
  • T6920 floor type boring machine
  • CNC processing plant
  • FEELER FTC-350 CNC lathe
  • FEElER VB-610A CNC lathe
  • FEELER VMP-40A CNC lathe
  • XK713 CNC lathe
  • LTC-25AL CNC lathe