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QNP is the biggest private manufacturer of steam turbine and steam turbine generators in China with subsidiaries in Indonesia, Singapore, and Beijing.

Because of the optimized design in electromagnetism, ventilation circuit and rotor structure, QNP generators feature high efficiency, small mechanical loss, and limited iron and copper loss. The key processes like workblank producing, machining, assembly and inspection follow strict quality control procedures. So the whole power equipment has long service life and needs low maintenance frequency.

Our own designing institute and power plant turn-key company can provide one-stop service including power plant project design, purchasing, construction, installation and commissioning, thus both the project construction period and cost can be reduced to great degree.

In addition, QNP also cooperated with first-class gas turbines manufactures around the world. During the cooperation, we introduced advanced gas turbine technologies and kept promoting combined cycle power projects which have higher plant efficiency.

  • Technical Advantage

  • To keep our technical advantages on the world power plant equipment market, QNP invested a lot in the R&D and application of advanced technologies, and maintained a good relationship with a range of companies and technical organizations.

    Thus far, we have got 58 patents. Our R&D team comprises a number of senior engineers and professionals, and 27 persons have an equivalent of master's degree or above. QNP was approved as the High-Efficiency & High-Speed Steam Turbine Engineering Technology Research Center of Shandong Province in 2011 and our R&D center was entitled as the Enterprise Technology Center of Shandong Province in 2012.

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  • Product Advantage

  • The steam turbine we developed can be used in many fields including cogeneration, medium and low temperature waste heat recovery for generation, thermal power generation below 50MW, solar thermal power generation, biomass generation, incineration plant, industrial engine and so on. Thus far, our steam turbines come in more than 100 types and more than 600 units have been sold.

    QNP focuses on the development and application of advanced technology, and invests more in distinctive products. We also concentrate on research and development of steam turbine with low temperature media to make full use of low temperature exhaust heat from 80 Celsius degree to 300 Celsius degree.

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  • Production Equipment

  • As a professional power plant products supplier, QNP has a strong production and processing capability for steam turbine, turbo generator, boiler, and so on. We now have nearly 400 sets/units of advanced processing equipment like Mitsubishi five-axis gantry machining center, horizontal rotor type slot milling machine, 125-ton and 10-meter horizontal CNC lathe, 8-meter CNC vertical lathe, four-axis machining center, and so on. These excellent machine tools have made a great contribution to our production efficiency.

    Pictures of part of our production equipment

    • 1. Mitsubishi five-axis gantry machining center-for the highly precision processing of the middle plane of the steam turbine (the positioning precision could be 0.0058mm.
    • 2. 8-meter CNC vertical lathe - for processing 5-meter high and 8-meter diameter workpiece.
    • 3. 125-ton heavy duty horizontal CNC lathe-for the precise processing of the one-piece forging rotor of steel turbine with a max. rotating diameter of 4000mm and a max. length of 10000mm.
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  • Test Equipment

    • Vacuum chamber of the high speed dynamic balancing machine
    • Germany OBLF spectrum analyzer
    • Universal tool-measuring microscope
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