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QNP, as a power generation equipment supplier, has a world-class quality test center, which covers 480 square meters and consists of physics lab, chemistry lab, chemical analysis lab, and the accurate measuring lab.

Important equipment

High speed dynamic balancing machine
It can investigate the high-speed balancing of rotor, overspeed test, and new product strength and vibration performance.

Steam turbine testing station
By this testing station, you can conduct the experiment of 30MW or lower steam turbine operating with zero load or partial load, and 1.5MW steam turbine full load operating performance. The station can also inspect the comprehensive unit performance covering the turbine designing processing and assembling.

Automatic high-speed high-precision coordinate measuring machine
This machine can collect over 100 data from different positions, ensuring the high measuring precision and stability.

In addition to the above-mentioned equipment, we also introduced Germany OBLF spectrum analyzer, projection type length measuring machine (one-meter), universal tool-measuring microscope, metalloscope, ultrasonic flaw-detecting machine, magnetic particle flaw detector, electro-hydraulic universal tester, ultrasonic thickness meter, and so on. So every electrical product we provide comes with consistent quality and reliable performance.

  • Vacuum chamber of the high speed dynamic balancing machine
  • Germany OBLF spectrum analyzer
  • Universal tool-measuring microscope
  • Projection type length measuring machine (one-meter)
  • First-class chemical lab
  • Electro-hydraulic universal tester

  • CJW-2000 magnetic particle flaw detector
  • Metalloscope
  • Digital portable flaw detector

Other testing instrument

  • 100KV20KVA AC withstand voltage system
  • 40KV200KVA AC withstand voltage system
  • 15KVA10KV rotor AC withstand voltage testing system
  • Automatic anti-interference dielectric loss tester
  • Insulation testing machine
  • Insulating resistance testing tester

  • Direct-current high voltage generator
  • Direct-current high voltage generator
  • Impulse winding tester
  • Direct-current resistance tester
  • Generator alternating-current impedance
  • Low-voltage switchgear testing station
  • CT volt-ampere ratio of transformation polarity general tester
  • High-voltage switch dynamic performance tester
  • Earth resistance tester

  • AC voltage withstand tester